Most common signs of Heart diseases

Heart diseases often changes over time. You can have long signs & early signs before you have serious heart problems. Or, you may not realize that you change heart disease. Warning signs of heart disease can’t be clear and not everyone has the same signs.

Some signs like “chest pain – ankle swelling and breath shortage” may be signs of something wrong. Learning warning signs can help you get treatment and help prevent a heart attack or stroke.

#1 Chest Suffering

Chest suffering is a pain you can feel in the front of your body. between your neck and upper abs . There are a lot of reasons for chest suffering that can not do nothing with your heart. Also chest suffering is still the very popular sign of “heart attack and weak blood flow to the heart” . This kind of chest suffering is called angina.

Chest suffering can appear when your heart doesn’t get the amount of “oxygen & blood” that your body needs , The volume & kind of pain can change from one to one . The dangerous of this pain isn’t always connected to the dangerous of the problem.

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